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9th to 10th September 2021 Programme

Diversional and Recreation Therapy Australia would like to welcome you to the 2021 Virtual National Conference. The conference theme “Human Rights in Life and Leisure” has attracted both local and international speakers to present papers on a range of professional issues. The DRTA Board encourages you to embrace the variety of philosophies, ideas and concepts presented over the next two days as we celebrate Diversional and Recreational Therapy and examine the challenges and opportunities presented in this conference.

To assist you to have a positive experience at the conference, here are some important tips:

> Negotiating the conference programme: We have put together a full and diverse programme. Please refer to the programme for the timing of presentations. To ensure that this event is as stress free as possible, we have tried to incorporate regular breaks, so please take note of start times of presentations. This booklet provides you with the abstracts of each presentation and we suggest you read them to help make the best choice on which session will be best for you.

> Networking: Although we cannot have our usual face-to-face networking opportunities, at the end of the sessions each day, we have time for questions to the Board. We welcome your participation at these times. As this is a webinar format, your audio and video will be muted, but you can participate by posting comments in the Chat and any specific questions you would like answered, please post in the Q & A. Both of these communication channels will be monitored and we will endeavour to answer questions as soon as possible.

> Trade Exhibition: In lieu of having trade tables this year, we do have sponsors and will be advertising their services in a slide show during break times where you can see what our great supporters and sponsors have to offer. We also have their contact details in this booklet so that you can follow up on any queries. Please support them as they very generously support our association every year.

On behalf of DRTA, have a wonderful conference experience and let’s find inspiration in ‘Human Rights in Life and Leisure’.

Charlise Bennett
Diversional and Recreation Therapy Australia

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