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As we move into July, and school holidays starting in NSW, so too is a lockdown for the Greater Sydney area for at least two weeks, the entire school holidays, with the Delta variant of COVID-19 seemingly more contagious than what we have seen before. The NZ travel bubble is paused as I write this month’s president piece, and border closures in place with all states in relation to NSW. It worries me to see these restrictions in place and the impact this will have for all of us working in this industry, and for our clients. I am really heartened to know that one great quality we have as professionals working in this space is creativity. Hopefully this is coupled with processes and procedures that were developed in past to still have a dynamic program in these times of change, to meet our client needs in such challenging times. The restrictions are in place for the Greater Sydney area at this stage till July 9th.

In last month’s newsletter we advertised for a part time Executive Director (ED) for the association on a six-month trial basis. It is envisaged that the role will be instrumental in the change management of the new membership levels, the website development, and a new membership program that will be inbuilt with the website. The role will also be forming collaborations with key stakeholders and organisations looking at promoting the profession. This includes promotion of the profession and the association to career advisors
in high school, TAFE students across Australia doing the Certificate 4 and the Diploma in Leisure and Health and Western Sydney University. It is my pleasure to announce that Kayla Garside has been successful and has accepted the position. She will be standing down as Vice President 1 for the duration of the ED trial. In the next six months the association should be able to grow significantly as a direct result of the position, both short and long term.

This year’s conference has seen an overwhelming number of abstracts submitted for consideration. We are in the process of developing the programme at the moment. Thank you all who have submitted an abstract and details will follow shortly regarding the programme. I can announce that our international keynote speaker this year will be Dr Pia Kontos. Pia has done extensive research in creativity, human rights and dementia. We are really excited to have such an awesome speaker as our keynote. A couple of references to her collaborative publications from last year have been included in the resources section of the newsletter.

Some of you may also have Dry July on your radar. The Dry July Foundation and initiative is about raising funds for people living with cancer. You sign up, seek sponsorship with friends, colleagues and family to not drink alcohol for the month of July. Follow through and stay dry for July and then collect the sponsorship and send it in to the Dry July Foundation. If anyone is participating in this event, please write about it and send it in to DRTA and we will put it in the next newsletter. Perhaps include a photo also.

All the best for June,

Charlise Bennett
DRTA President



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