Workshop Programme Overview

In fulfilling its Mission, Vision and Purpose, DRTA considers education and training opportunities to be of the highest important.

To this end they have engaged Stephania Bejma as DRTA’s National Education Coordinator to design, facilitate, manage and promote DRTA Workshops nationally. In each calendar year DRTA aims to deliver at least two Workshops in each state, per year. Add to this some extra regional workshops, special interest workshops and the Pre-Conference Workshops and this translates to about 17 per year!

Stephania is always interested to receive feedback, ideas and items for the DRTA’s “Takeaway CAFÉ” of Creative Ideas for Everyone - contact

All are welcome at DRTA’s quality workshops but members receive a substantial discount – see registration form.

For the latest workshops see Events Calendar

Have a question? Contact the office or phone 02 9887 5035