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Professional Development Overview

One of the primary roles of a professional association is to ensure that practicing professionals are continually updating knowledge and skills to ensure that their practice is embracing current trends. 

Members granted full membership  are required to complete 15 points of professional development activity each year to maintain their membership. Student Members, Retired Members, International Practitioner Members and Life Members are not required to fulfil this requirement. At the end of each financial year, all Full Members must ensure they hold a list of their professional development for that financial year in summary, along with copies of relevant certificates, transcripts or other evidence to show that they have fulfilled their professional development obligation and sign a statement to that effect. PD Policy.

Download the Professional Development Guide Here.

This document has been developed as a guide showing Professional Development (PD) points earned for each activity, training session, education completed or other professionally developing activity. As the DT professional area covers a broad range of activities, so PD for practitioners is broad and varied. It is easy to earn PD points. Remember to record points earned during the year on the Summary Sheet and the task will be easy at renewal time, 30th June annually.

Download the Professional Development Summary Sheet Here (you will need this completed each year at 30th June to renew your membership).

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DRTA Professional Development Award Guidelines
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