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Title: Role of Leisure in Recovery from Mental Illness.

Journal: American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 17, 147-165

Authors: Yoshitaka Iwasaki, Kathy Coyle, John Shank, Heather Porter, and Gretchen Kishbauch.


Conceptually supported by recovery, positive psychology, and health promotion perspectives, this study explored the role of leisure in recovery and health among culturally diverse individuals with mental illness. One-on-one survey interviews were conducted with Black (n = 35), Hispanic/Latino (n = 28), White (n = 28), and Asian (n = 8) adults (aged between 23 and 78) with mental illness (N = 101). A variety of mental health diagnoses were represented in the sample

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Extreme caring by Stuart Donnan

Stuart Donnan is an Australian doctor who moved to UK in 1966 who specialised in the area of social medicine. In 2000 his wife Beryl had a stroke and later also developed dementia. Stuart gave up his work to become Beryl’s carer. This book is an account of his journey and I found it compelling reading as it was written from the view of a caring husband who was also so medically knowledgeable.

Beryl and he were always great readers and

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Early stage dementia care a guide for community based programs by Diane Weddington

The first edition of this book printed in USA in 1994 and reprinted several times. It still has relevance to our communities today as providing community programs for people living with dementia is becoming more and more needed. Day respite, adult day centres and care in the home has led to a proliferation of private and NFP providers. This book has the

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A leaders Manual for Senior’s Discussion Groups

Diversional Therapist Lauretta Kaldor has published a new manual which every Diversional Therapist, Recreational Activities Officer and staff working in Aged Care, and Community and Day centres will find useful and a valuable addition to their resources.
Lauretta, who has been working as a Diversional Therapist for over 30 years has used not only her skills but her extensive experience to put together the

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Title: Management Functions in Recreational Therapy
ISBN/ISSN: 97-815-7167-802-7
Copyright: 2016
Edition: 1
Pages: 252
Format: Ebook (also to be released in paperback shortly)
Author(s): David R. Austin
Bryan P. McCormick
Marieke Van Puymbroeck
Publisher: Sagamore Publishing

In-depth coverage is given to the five basic functions of management: planning, organization, staffing, influencing, and controlling. In addition, chapters are provided on

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Book title: Still the Music Plays
Author: Graham Stokes
Available: DTA Library

One of the biggest problems therapist have working with people who have dementia is how to deal with the continual challenging and bizarre behaviors. Many of the clients in this book were still living at home. This book has many readable true stories based on experiences of the author (psychologist) on some of those challenging behaviors such as calling out, difficulties of toileting, as well unusual and

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There are many families where dementia affects the parents and the children need to take control. Judith Levy writes this book from the perspective not only as the child but also her perspective as an experienced Occupational therapist who has worked in geriatric care for more than 40 years. As I read through this book I realized I tried many of the activities she suggested in residential and day care. I had also done many of the activities with my own children. However unless I had to deal with a family member all the ideas suggested would be new. The family carers often need the most help on presenting activities that are achievable and enjoyable to the older person with dementia. That older person needs more that physical comfort and help with ADL’s. Judith explains what activities

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Creating moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey

One of the most frustrating tasks for activity staff is to really engage clients with dementia.

Here are some of the issues whether it in a residential home or community centre.
What do you do with a client who constantly says, “I want to go home!”, “Who are you?”, “Where are my children?”

Other typical issues -the client will not

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Child Representational Therapy in Dementia care

The use of doll therapy as an intervention with adults in aged care who live with dementia has positive aspects and negative aspects. This is mainly because it is seen by families and carers as a juvenile activity. However there are many aspects that are positive- and if implemented correctly can improve the quality of life of a resident who may have 2nd or latter stage dementia. A Booklet put out by the Dementia Behaviour Management advisory service DBMAS Victoria is a

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This month we have two for one in Lauretta’s book reviews -

Walking for health and Improving sleep

Authors: Harvard medical school special health reports

Walking for health

One of the best activities we can establish in a facility is a good walking program. The older a person gets the more important it is to retain the ability to walk or walk with an aid. This booklet covers many of the issues including exercises for

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