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Entries for September 2018

Hi Members,

September marks the start of a new season, the beginning of spring. It is also the month of the DRTA’s 2018 ‘Out of the Box’ Conference. With only 3 weeks to go, time is running out quick to secure your place in Melbourne.

I have always enjoyed attending conference. From the time when I was a new grad and working in my first DT position right up to today. Conference has always been an event I have looked forward to attending. I know I have mentioned this before but… it really is a great way to network and meet new people. A lot of us work where we are the sole DT on site. Conference provides an opportunity to meet and engage with people how are working in a similar area to yourself. 

We all have lots of knowledge and experience, so why not

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DRTA International Liaison Report July 2018

We have a 93-year-old lady at Barunga Village, where I work called Betty, and she calls me her teacher. I taught her to colour in at the ripe old age of 91 and now it is her favourite past time, spending hours and hours colouring in pictures that I give her. She is very proud of her efforts so I asked her recently if she would like me to send some of her pictures to a Senior centre in Nome, Alaska, where I knew we were going to do a concert to with the Barunga Village Choir in the near future. She loved the idea so I sent a heap of her pictures to the XYZ Senior Centre in Nome, Alaska, to be given to the local Elders there as gifts of goodwill from the Barunga village choir and Betty.

So, In the past week, we had the pleasure of performing for the lovely people at the XYZ Senior Centre in Nome, Alaska. (XYZ stands for ‘Extra Years of Zest’). The choir had a lovely time singing

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