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Entries for August 2018

Hi Members,

August has arrived and we are now in the home stretch towards the end of winter. Last month we asked you to complete a survey to assist in our further response to the Draft Aged Care Standards. Kim and I would like to thank all those who took the time to complete and return the surveys. Your input is valuable, and much need to ensure that our voice is heard.

The focus for this month is self-education and lifelong learning. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can

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Members Article - Celebrating Wool in Many Different Ways
In Hamilton Victoria we celebrate wool in many different ways. However earlier this month, we have a major event in our town called Sheepvention which can attract over 25,000 people from far and wide. Many of our residents would have gone to this event as it catered for not only farmers but the general population also but the backbone of this whole event is wool and sheep.

Our facility, Grange Residential Care is in Hamilton and we are a part of Western District Health Services. We are a 50 bed High Care Residential facility. Many of our residents have been either farmers, worked on a farm or are associated with

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Dance Health Alliance offers training workshops for Diversional Therapists to learn to deliver the Dancewise programme within their own practices and facilities.

Dancewise is a specialised dance program originating from The Netherlands developed for older adults and people living with functional and cognitive limitations. Each class focuses on the aesthetic movement of dance, asking participants to approach movement like dancers rather than as residents.

Every class has a unique playlist and draws from various styles of dance and movement to facilitate healing that is fun, energetic and transformative.

The program has a positive transformational effect on

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At the beginning of this month, I made a phone call to the town of Barrow, which is in Alaska, up in the Arctic Circle. I spoke with a lovely kind lady by the name of Yvonne Toovak who works as a Clients Service Assistant staff member in the Senior Citizen Program in the North Slope Borough, in Barrow. Yvonne told me about what she does in regards to running and implementing various activities for the Elders in her community. She also told me of how times have changed since she was a young girl in Fairbanks, Alaska. She said the young people don’t go out hunting anymore, they are always on their computers and phones, (Sounds very much like Australia). Though I didn’t ask, she sounded like she was part Eskimo, with a heavy accent. Below is an excerpt from the North Slope Borough’s home website page.

“The Senior Program for the North Slope Elders, is a program for anyone 60 and older. The NSB Senior program has an application to fill out then a

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