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Entries for July 2019

Hi Members,

I know it’s hard to believe, but it is renewal time again. It’s time to add up all your PD points and pay your membership fees. If you are having any difficulty, please contact Diana and Jodie in the office. They are always happy to help.

The newsletter is a little late this month – I am sorry. We have been hard at work putting together the conference program. While we still only have a draft and changes may happen, I have attached a list of some the exciting presentations we will have for you. Our Keynote for Day 1 is DRTA’s very own Renee Smith. Renee will share her journey of the many different roles she has had, all leading to her current positon as consultant for Dementia Support Australia. Day 2 Keynote is Dr Cindy Jones, an Associate Professor of Behavioural Sciences

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Imagine you are driving home from work after a long day and it’s nearly Christmas. Going up a hill your car starts to just miss a beat, then it starts to back fire, the brakes are squealing as you brake for the traffic lights. You are surrounding by people rushing home for Christmas and your car won’t start. Burnout is a road hazard in life and common in the community services industry. Burnout is feeling like you are under constant stress, you feel helpless, disillusioned, exhausted, loss of empathy towards others and feeling incompetent in the workplace. 

You may feel stressed at different times of the year and stress can cause burnout however stress and burnout are different. Stress is having many pressures and demands on you physically and mentally. If you are stressed you may use self-talk, if I can finish this then I will be fine, if I get through my list then it will all be better. Burnout is about feeling empty, mentally exhausted and 

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Since the last report, I had a lovely surprise, hearing from an OT, (Occupational Therapist), in County Galway in Ireland.  

She is the new OT at the Clarenbridge Nursing Home and wanted to make contact regarding one of my residents being a penfriend for one of her residents there in Ireland.
There is a good chance that my Barunga Village Choir will be performing a concert to them soon and the residents in question, beside sending each other letters, hopefully will be able to meet up on Skype. 

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