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Hi Members,

I want to apologise for not having a newsletter last month. The system we use to create the newsletter was updated and there was a delay between the old system going off line and being trained in using the new system. Hopefully we have all kinks worked out and will all be running smoothly. The articles were uploaded to the website, so please don’t forget to check the website for any updates throughout the month.

I can hardly believe we are already halfway through the year. July is here and so is the start of a new financial year. And that means membership renewals are due, along with your 15 Professional Development points. Remember to have those PD points handy in case you are one of the

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In the past month, I was able to make contact with an organisation in the US, based just outside Los Angeles is an organisation called Valley Socials.  Valley Socials caters for children and young adults with disabilities. 

Recently, Valley Social’s, Janet Marie said they are currently running programs and activities that enables her disability clients to  go shopping, eventually by themselves.  They teach them how to use money and other tasks used when going out to go shopping, to watch movies, visit Theme Parks and try to live a normal

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