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Hello Members,

Last month I commented on the very cold weather around Australia, and sadly, this month seems to have continued the trend! I hope some warmer weather is soon on its way to all of you and you can begin to thaw out.

This month some issues of concern have been raised to the DTA Board. Those of you employed within the aged care sector will know of the cessation of the Dementia and severe behaviours supplement by the current Government. To date, there has not been discussion around what future funding in this area might look like. The Board have drafted a letter to Minister Fifeld’s office voicing, on behalf of the DTA members, concern around these changes.   A copy of the response has been posted in the newsletter and also on the website.


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2014 Conference has a special opportunity for those poor sad, bored partners who mope about when we go to Conference… don’t be afraid

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This year workshop attendance is now open to everyone – even if you are not attending conference…. 
2 amazing all day workshops to choose from :
Activities, Activities, Activities 
Music and Art

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What a wonderful time we will be having in Adelaide – join us!

Something to share with non-member work colleagues… 
$100 discount offered for 3 non-members attending from one facility…

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Financial institutions including ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac will retain an option of sign only cards for people with special requirements incl...

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If you have completed your renewal – a BIG THANK YOU from the office!

Chasing renewals takes up our scarce resources….If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, remember you are now overdue, so please make it top priority.

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National Workshop Programme News and Updates with Steph

Hi everyone,

How are the winter months treating you?

If you attended our Cairns workshop then you had the opportunity to thaw out just a little (if you live in the colder states as I do) and if you are from Far North Queensland then you had the opportunity to network and gain some new and different activity ideas to keep your programs vibrant and diverse.

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May 2014

This document reflects ongoing discussion and debate regarding the implementation of aged care reform. It is an interim information document that represents discussion at this point in time and is not reflective of either NACA or DSS advice, position, or recommendations.

The NACA Gateway Advisory Group met in May 2014 to review progress and discuss a number of issues and developments. Key discussion points are outlined in this communique.

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Elderly Australians and their pets will receive an extra helping hand this year, with Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA) announcing a new small grants program to deliver $10,000 funding to support pets in aged care settings.

The Pets in Aged Care Grants program will allocate small grants of up to $1,000 to assist aged care facilities and residents make suitable arrangements or modifications to enable residents and their pets to live-in together.

While a number of aged care facilities have shared pets for the companionship of all residents and staff, the Pets in Aged Care Grants program has been developed to support and maintain the existing bonds between aged care residents and their individual pets. 


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The Board of Diversional Therapy Australia (DTA) would like to express their strong disappointment in the announcement of the termination of the dementia and severe behaviours supplement announced on 26th June 2014.

However, the DTA Board look forward to hearing Minister Fifield’s plans for an ongoing commitment to people who experience challenges as a result of severe behaviours, their carers and the range of staff who support people with behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), including support through consultative processes.

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