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Welcome to the 2nd annual DTA special print Collector’s Edition newsletter! In writing this piece, I reflected on changes within Diversional Therapy practice and awareness, and how we can continue to drive the recognition of Diversional Therapy.

Driven by demand, private practice is an emerging DT field. This growth area is exciting and stimulating and it requires the practitioner to comply with specific legislative guidelines. Other strategies are not essential; however support best practice and therefore more likelihood of positive business outcomes. These may be all new concepts if you have not owned or operated a business! DTA understand the move into private practice is a big step. To support members through this process, DTA will develop

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Looking Forward Looking Back – DTA achievements
Another financial year has sped past… we take a moment to reflect on the DTA’s achievements and predict some of the successes of the next 12 months!

Looking back over the last financial year – 2015 – 2016 

DTA achievements over the last 12 months include.…
• Created the Workshop on the Waves concept and finalised arrangements for 2017 Cruise Workshop offering a nationally recognised Mental Health skillset to be delivered on board.
• The Study Tour to Japan was further developed, tested and carried out – an amazing tour – see article in this magazine
• New streamlined renewal process was designed and adopted
• For the first time

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National Workshop Program, News and Updates with Steph
The National Workshop Program is integral to the professional development of our members, to the recognition of our profession, the growth of our association and a great opportunity to visit regional Australia and those who usually work in isolation. 

May 2016 saw the Orange NSW workshop and DTA’s first Skype presentation bringing essential information to those who often miss out. Our dedicated members, who always attend this training, are an inspiration and are proof that their membership and the acquisition of qualifications and ongoing learning and development, is the way forward as government regulations and quality reviews continue to look for continuous improvement to our roles and quality of care. 

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In the month since the last newsletter update of the ‘Making Contact’ articles I’ve had 3 new confirmed contacts from international organisations or individuals.

An organisation based in Paris called Eurordis contacted me. Their catch cry is they are ‘The Voice of Rare Disease Patients in Europe’. In Europe, Social Services include amongst other professions, Therapeutic Recreation, which is implemented in programs that Eurordis oversees.

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Using the skill of asking better questions to engage people

I used to think that questions were simply sentences with a question mark on the end of them. Over the years I have come to know that questions are an amazingly powerful tool that we can use in many areas of your lives, and in particular to make you better at practicing person centred care and creating more engagement with activities.. As therapists some of your greatest challenges will be around motivating people to participate in leisure and recreation activities and to get them to be resourceful instead of relying on you for advice or motivation.

In my experience, many practitioners are in the habit of unconsciously telling, fixing and advising instead of asking and in doing so create people to be less confident and capable. When faced with hearing about others challenges the majority of us get into the habit of

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As a kid, I was always told I can’t do this, I can’t do that... since my early teens I had these boyish dreams of being a rock star. I suppose it’s the same dream of most teens growing up. My parents and teachers would always say I lived in a fantasy land.

My parents bought me a drum kit at 10 years old, and thought it would be collecting dust in a corner within 6 months. 36 years later, I travel all over Australia, and have travelled to the USA, as a drummer. I have also appeared in drumming magazines and had radio and TV interviews all over the world. Many of you might ask, so what’s the big deal? So many kids have these kinds of dreams?

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Predicting the Impact of the Baby Boomer Generation on Diversional Therapy Practice
“As long as my finger still works and I can use my iPad, I will be fine” said my mother over a recent conversation about Aged Care facilities. My mother is no stranger to nursing homes; working as an EN she spent most of my teenage years working to support my private school education. So during my student years as I fumbled my way through my education, little did I know that I would follow my mother’s footsteps and enter into the Aged Care field. At the ripe old age of 23 I found myself studying Certificate 3 in Aged Care and completed my compulsory placement. This is 20 years ago and so much has happened since. Way back in the good old days where things were not so good in nursing homes, I remember the stench of urine the moment I stepped into the facility. We all know how far we have come in Aged Care, but do we know how much further we have ahead of us? It was on completion of my Certificate 3 in Aged Care I immediately enrolled to study Certificate 4 in Diversional Therapy. My motivation was about spending quality time with residents and to have the opportunity to engage in 

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Dynamics of Organics
Let me say firstly that I do not have a green thumb!

I’ve worked in Diversional Therapy since 2004 in Brisbane with Wesley Mission Brisbane at an aging in place facility, home to 58 wonderful people. Cooper House is one of three facilities on a large campus, all different in style to each other, being built in varying decades. This is essentially a story of relationship. But as you know the word itself and its action doesn’t necessarily mean health and positivity. All fulfilling relationships need nurturing to grow. It’s why I think of this story as the Dynamics of Organics. 

The definition of dynamic is vigorous, energetic and active. 

The definition of organic is a living entity.

Believe me there is a connection! It started out very simply: most of our lifestyle recreation programs have

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FIRST Urban Shed- delivers Active Ageing model for the City of Melbourne
Recently Andrew Stefanetti chairperson of Melbourne Men’s Shed invited key people for breakfast at Melbourne Town Hall to be acknowledge by the City of Melbourne for their contribution in establishing a world first project the urban men’s shed, based in the heart of Australia’s most livable city Melbourne. 

Certificates of appreciation signed by the Hon Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle, presented by the Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne Susan Riley. Also present was Councillor Beverley Pinder-Mortimer, who delivered a speech of gratitude to those who donated their time and expertise. 

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From the Japan Study Tour...
This was taken at the end of the second symposium. We had a great day and everyone was happy including President Sueshima who sponsored the event and our accommodation and an incredible dinner to finish.

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