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Hello DTA members,

Welcome to the inaugural DTA Connections Collector’s Edition! Congratulations to Editor Emma and her supportive team on the production of this first ever edition. This is a great initiative and opportunity to showcase DTA and the DTA year.

Within this special edition, you will find your DTA renewal. I urge you to give this your full attention. Your renewal is important for many reasons. The opportunity to be part of the peak body which represents your chosen career path is invaluable. Being able to share and network with like-minded professionals, encouraging and promoting up-to-date trends and interests within the specialised diversional therapy discipline is paramount in ensuring you remain up to date in your field. 

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The last membership year- July 2014 to June 2015 - has flown by and so much has happened here is a summary of some of the actions, ideas, events and highlights of the last 12 months …. And a bit of a crystal ball gaze into the next 12 months!

Looking back here are some items that stand out:

• DTA stand at the D&R Conference in Melbourne
• DTA Joined IAHA – Indigenous Allied Health Australia
• Rollout of Connections eNewsletter as standard DTA communication method – only 32 members wanting hard copy
• Greatly increased numbers of members accessing website – and the extras locked away I there for members only
• Loss of the beautiful Dr Peter Spitzer – passed away but never forgotten by DTA
• DTA members start requesting specific resources and thoughts on private practice
• DTA members requests for help in

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South Australia – Rosslyn Price, SA Board Rep

Over the last 12 months we hosted the national conference in Adelaide with many members working tirelessly. Most of the planning was arranged through our Adelaide network group which meets every 2 months. As a group we were very proud of our effort, it was a great time for us to build on our current knowledge and get to know many more members. 

The benefits of being a member of the Adelaide network group include support from like-minded people with a passion to grow our industry. It is a great time to hear from each other and discuss current issues in the industry which are affecting us all. This year 2 rural workshops are organised with

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This history was presented at the 18th Annual Convention of the Diversional Therapy Association of Australia Hosted by New South Wales 18th and 19th May 1996. 

1945 – 1976: The Australian Red Cross selected students and trained them in handcraft as a diversional therapy activity under the direction of Miss Leila Bloore. 

Mid 1960’s: Greater awareness of the need to improve the quality of care of the increasing aged population. Part of this care included craft, recreation and social activities. New teaching positions were created in day care and community centres, nursing homes and hospitals, and the Royal Blind Society, etc. 

It was then recognised that diversional activities were far broader than handcraft alone, and that those offering this service should have the skills and expertise to

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National Workshop Programme, News and Updates with Steph

Education is important and providing workshops nationally is a care role of Diversional Therapy Australia as we build recognition of our profession amongst other Allied Health Professions. The continuation and direction of DTA workshops depends on your support so pencil in the date of the workshop closest to you from the list below (or one of the other venues further away from home and plan a tax deductable educational holiday to expand your professional horizons and escape the cold weather – Cairns on the 12th of June- would fit this bill perfectly!) Of course the Pre-Conference Workshop on the day before conference (15th October) is also an opportunity to get a head start to the Conference experience adding an extra day of education to your itinerary. Look on line for the upcoming workshop flyers and in this commemorative issue for Conference registration forms.

Dementia Specific Workshop with Prof Sherry Dupuis Sydney- 24th April
The end of April saw our successful and very educational Dementia specific workshop – this will be included on our yearly calendar as we address the specific activity and leisure needs of the

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For graduates from accredited courses, such as the Bachelor of Health Science (Leisure & Health) at Charles Sturt University, Diversional Therapy offers career opportunities for rich and rewarding work in diverse care contexts. Diversional Therapists work in elder care, disability support, health settings, refugee support and community work. Their education and professional practice place them in the forefront of developing and implementing new models of service that are revolutionising care. They focus on the use of leisure choices and activities to address individual needs of the people with whom they work and on creating social environments that foster choice and build on individual strengths. In their work they also focus on creative partnerships with individuals, groups and organisations in building community resilience. A professional degree in Diversional Therapy will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills to really make a difference to the community you work with and to forge positive change in ways that truly extend quality of life and joy for our most vulnerable citizens.
Marie Sheahan & Robin Harvey, Charles Sturt University

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Aspiring Therapeutic Recreation (TR) students from The University of Western Sydney (UWS) have officially launched their first DT Week on Wednesday, 14th May, 2015. DT Students celebrated this event by supporting the DT Conference 2015 theme which is “Wellness through Leisure”. 

While this theme is suggestive, it was difficult for TR students to convey to other students who were not in the cohort. This was due to limited understanding and exposure of our health profession in UWS. However, as the day progressed, TR students allowed themselves to interact with circus activities such as hula hoops, play, juggling, spinning plates and colouring in. As a result, other students were able to grasp the true meaning of

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Anzac Day celebrations for residents at Arcare Endeavour began on Thursday 23rd of April. They were invited to attend an Anzac Day Commemorative Service at St Paul’s School at Bald Hills. On arrival at the school, residents were taken to the balcony to observe the service. One resident was part of the official party and laid a wreath on behalf of all residents at Arcare Endeavour. The service was followed by a morning tea where the residents mingled with the staff and students of St Paul’s. All residents praised the school for such a lovely and moving ceremony.

On Friday 24th of April, all residents were invited to

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As I drove to work on the morning of the 24th of April, I couldn’t help but wonder how the day would go. I kept thinking, have I done everything in preparation that I could to make sure everything ran smoothly for the concert. I knew I had everything covered but I still felt nervous and kept worrying- how would the day go, how would the Skype connection to New Zealand go, would it be clear both ends so that our respective audiences and the choir could see each other?

I knew pretty much what to expect with the Skype connection. Some three weeks before hand I had arranged for a time that I would do a test run where I would Skype the Radius Fulton Care Centre in New Zealand for the first time, where the lovely Beth Sizemore worked as the DT Coordinator and with

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We Need Your Opinions! – Don’t be shy! 
In the future DTA will be sending out Surveys from time to time to gather your opinions on different topics from time to time. Some will be industry issues, some political standpoints, some ideas for DTA to move on – or not! The Board really want your feedback – and this online survey is the quickest and cheapest way to do it! – so please respond! We don’t know what you are thinking if you don’t let us know!

DTA Membership and Private Practice  
– are you already there? Are you thinking about it? 
The DTA Member Logo - DTA Board has just approved the use of the DTA logo and the statement: “I am a Full Member of DTA” for all Full Membership categories:

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