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Wellness through Leisure. This is a term you will hear about quite a bit over the next six months, as this will be the focus of DT Week, Conference theme, and forms the basis of a 12 month media campaign. This year, the Board and Office are aligning to present a united and consistent message. 

Wellness and leisure have long been associated, and there is considerable literature to support the connection between these two concepts. 

But what does it mean to you? What is your role in supporting wellness within your working environment? How do you ensure the programs you develop and fine-tune, have a focus on wellness? Wellness itself is such a broad concept; in considering quality

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Imagine a world without leisure, how would you feel….empty, dissatisfied, sad, disconnected? 

Not being able to engage in those activities you choose to do in your free time or with people whose company you enjoy would be a concern for many. 

Our leisure choices are intrinsically motivated therefore contributes to the many dimensions of Wellness. When asked the reasons why we participate in sport, hobbies, and social group’s etc. people will associate benefits with health and a sense of wellbeing. Australians living with

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National Workshop Programme News and Updates with Steph
Breaking news- in Sydney on the 24th April, DTA have been able to negotiate and secure a special presentation and interactive workshop with Canadian specialist Prof Sherry Dupuis. It will ask attendees to think about how their practices align with the culture change of person-centred and relational care. This DTA special event will attract those who work specifically with people with dementia for a Dementia Specific focus workshop. So if you work with people with dementia and are looking for the definitive and latest activities and research put this date in your diary! Don’t miss out!

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year (as I am writing these celebrations are in full swing)! I hope that the start of 2015 has brought abundance to you, your clients, participants and residents and that it continues to do so. 

We certainly had an abundance of fun and education at the first DTA workshop for 2015 -NSW Sydney Access to Leisure on 6th February. This disabilities focused

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13th March QLD - Brisbane
13th March SA - Mt Gambier – NOTE this new date for this workshop
27th March TAS - Hobart
17th April NSW 

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Members Articles -The Story Of The Lady Rose Cathedral
Barunga Homes is an aged care facility that is in the seaside town of Port Broughton, some 200km north of Adelaide in the mid-north of South Australia. The Lady Rose Cathedral is the brain child of the homes’ Lifestyle co-ordinator, Darren Robinson with fifteen of the residents and two volunteers.

Long-time resident, Anne Cavanagh suggested making a church for the recycled category in the local Christmas competition and it was up to Darren to design and build with the help of the volunteers and the residents.

The main body of the Cathedral is made up of over 10,000 of the little pill cups that the nursing staff use at the home to dispense the resident’s medications. The windows are made out of

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Nominations are being sought by DTA from financial members for this award co-sponsored by the late Wendy Butler and B&S Books. The award will be awarded to the nomination that can demonstrate the most innovative leisure programme. 

The winner will receive a $250.00 B&S Books voucher.

Wendy Butler joined The Diversional Therapy Association of Australia in 1979 and over the years Wendy was a valued member of the Management Committee of the Association and was made a Life Member of the DTA-NSW in 2002. It was during her working years at the Anglican Retirement Villages, Castle Hill, NSW that Wendy began her highly successful and innovative friendship groups with Margaret Stephens. As a flow on from these groups the Never Too Old to Learn series was born. Wendy and Margaret spent many hours between 1986 and

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The RACV Sir Edmund Herring Memorial Scholarship represents RACV’s mutual policy of providing benefits and services to members, motorists and the broader Victorian community. 

The aim of the scholarship is to help prevent road trauma and improve the quality of care delivered to victims of road trauma. It also recognises the great contribution Sir Edmund Herring made to Australia and Victoria. His life exemplifies the spirit of care, integrity and service at the heart of RACV’s mission, an endeavour Sir Edmund supported throughout his long role as Patron of the Club. 

The successful applicant(s) receive up to

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Upcoming workshops and seminars held by the Centre for Cultural Diversity in ageing, Contact Tonina for further information on 8823 7979.

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Enriched care planning for people with dementia
Authors: Hazel May, Paul Edwards and Dawn Brooker
Published by: The Bradford Dementia group good practice guides, 2009

Many of us need to find better ways to communicate and care for people living with dementia wether as family carers, paid carers in the home or care staff in nursing homes. The basic framework of care is called person centred care which is a contemporary view as compared to the medical model which has been the older basis of care.

This book does more than explain the

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Title: Community Integration: Showcasing the Evidence for Therapeutic Recreation  
Authors: Norma J. Stumbo, Allison Wilder, Melissa Zahl, Dawn DeVries, Shane Pegg,  
Janell Greenwood, Jo-Ellen Ross
Journal: Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Vol 49, no 1.

Community integration (CI) is an important aspect of therapeutic recreation services for many client groups. CI speaks to the full social, physical, and psychological presence of individuals with disabilities and/or illnesses in their communities, whether that may be their personal homes, group homes, halfway houses, or long-term care facilities. The benefits of CI are numerous and

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