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Entries for November 2015

Date of tour to be set for end of May 2016. Takako is currently putting final touches on the itinerary. This tour is to allow information and network sharing both ways in regards to how both countries work as Diversional Therapists.

DTA would like to renew an expression of interest in this tour. There will be two symposiums with the possibility of the chance to speak at one of them. However, in return for attending the tour you will be rewarded with the chance to be treated to the sights of Japan and also see some of the DT roles and the work they do.

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Hello Members, This newsletter comes to you full of amazing, fantastic news and ideas! If the Adelaide conference (2014) was dubbed the friendly conference, then the 2015 Gold Coast conference must surely be the thinking conference! There was so much interaction, engagement, sharing of ideas, concepts, and development of new thoughts, plans, and areas to investigate further! I know I came away exhausted, yet invigorated, with plans, ideas and thoughts for supporting DTA into the future.

Your Board also met the day prior to the conference. This is the only day we meet face to face, as all of our meetings are via phone link-up. I have to say, we worked very, very hard that day, and I have no doubt that each Board member went away exhausted. One of the initiatives DTA have been planning is to develop a suite of on-line educational experiences. You might have already taken advantage of similar tools on the DTA website. The new tools will be part of the Healthstrong education program. DTA have met with

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Conference 2015
Conference 2015 provided delegates with a jam-packed 2 days of wonderful presenters, who shared their ideas and programs with us. The keynote speaker in Friday was Dr. Carmel Harrington, who spoke on “Sleep Well to be Well”. Daniella Greenwood, Saturdays keynote speaker, spoke on “Wellness through leisure into the future: Defining and celebrating the ‘why’”.

The highlight of the conference was the final presentation – 

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Please email the office with your contact – no obligation - we will let you know when we have completed the job of getting them all onto a USB stick and have calculated the cost…

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DTA Award for Excellence – 2015

The DTA Award for Excellence 2015 finalist were:
• Allison Ferguson (QLD) for “It’s just a change of address: Linking community and residential through leisure”
• Barbara Davis (TAS) for “My Journey” program
• Maria Watson (QLD) for DT Special Event: The Armchair Travel Programme

And the Winner… 

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National Workshop Programme, News and Updates with Steph

The 2015 DTA Conference Workshop on the Gold Coast was jam packed with 66 participants completing 17 different activities-laughing, creating, discussing, experiencing new and sometimes not so easy craft samples, remarking how this must be how our residents feel! The vibe in the room was upbeat, excited and engaged with our international participants from New Zealand and other interstate travellers as well as many Queenslanders adding to the fun.


A big thank you to student DT Jessica Horton who took us through some practical craft activities and was able to manage the IT presentations even down to playing Nat King Coles’ beautiful Mona Lisa as we practiced some simple drawing techniques and adult colouring-in “therapy”.  (Couldn’t have done it without you Jess! Thanks to Julie, Ulrike, Katrina, Allison, Diana and Margie also without whom the day would not have run so well.)

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On Facebook?

Have a LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter account?

Spend hours searching YouTube?


In today's business climate the use of social media is one of the most popular and acceptable marketing methods to communicate and connect with an audience. DTA is no exception using several social networking sites to engage with its members and the broader community inclusive of interested members of the public, managers and recruitment companies, potential students, peak industry groups and clients.

DTA opted to create a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and most recently Instagram. These platforms provide 'visibility' to our profession enabling DTA to grow its audience beyond the traditional means of marketing and further than the person working in the DT role. Social media allows

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Just wanted to follow up with you and thank you again for agreeing to have us involved as your Gold Sponsor and for the exposure during the conference.

Elsa and I have caught up and debriefed today (first time we have seen each other since the weekend) and both agreed that it was such a fabulous event and very worthwhile for us to have been involved in and are excited about next years – should you have us again…

I can happily say it was in fact the best event that I have been involved in, in the 7 years that I have been at Skills Training Australia.

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Tuesday 17th November 2015
6.30 for 6:45pm start
to be held at Northern Sydney Education & Conference Centre, Wicks Rd, North Ryde NSW

The Board of Diversional Therapy Australia invites all full members and affiliates to the
2015 Annual General Meeting

Proposed Agenda

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Two Mothers Remembered
By Joann Snow Duncanson

I had two Mothers – two Mothers I claim
Two different people, yet with the same name.
Two separate women, diverse by design,
But I loved them both because they were mine.

The first was the Mother who carried me here,
Gave birth and nurtured and launched my career.
She was the one whose features I bear,
Complete with the facial expressions I wear.

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