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Entries for March 2016

Title: Urban youth's experiences of nature: Implications for outdoor adventure recreation

Author: Kristi S. Lekies,  Greg Yost  and John Rode.

Journal:  Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 9 (2015) pgs 1–10


This study examined ways in which urban youth participating in a long-term outdoor adventure recreation program (N¼36) perceived and experienced nature. Participants were ages 14–19 and had attended monthly group outings for 3–7 years (median¼5.3).

Small group and individual interviews were

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Australian Government

Recreation Activities section of website:


This information could be used for outdoor activity access or to produce some arm chair travel sessions.

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1. Intergenerational session with either a child care centre or school

2. Easter theme activities – dyeing eggs, Easter egg hunt for Grandchildren, Easter lunch or concert.

3.  6th March – Clean Up Australia Day http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/

4. Cultural Diversity Week (Victoria) 12th – 20th March Cultural Diversity Week is held annually in March. The Week provides an opportunity for all

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This website is an activity in itself, moving the mouse creates splashes of colour and clicking the mouse changes the colour, use print screen to copy the resulting image into word for a printable piece.

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17th St. Patrick's Day


1.Celebrate with a green themed afternoon tea ( green iced cup cakes, green fruit such as grapes, apple, kiwi and melon' green jelly, ice cream spider with lime soft drink)

2.dress up and make the most of green, hats, large glasses, green vests and bow ties.

3.Take a Irish CD , place green Irish numbered shamrocks in a bag and have your residents pull one out. Then play the corresponding song on the cd and have a name that tune.

4. Read some funny limericks

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Do you work in the ST GEORGE / SUTHERLAND area?

We are looking at reforming the network group. If you are interested we will be meeting at Bexley RSL @6pm for drinks and discussions.. For any further queries please email Kim Bromley on kimby_79@msn.com

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Thank you to all the members who took the time to participate in the recent survey. It was a tough one to pull together as the results were so varied and detailed. A highlight of this research project was that a lot of people felt that Diversional Therapists were still not as respected by other allied health professionals as they should be. While the answers were varied, most people understood that DTA was the peak body for Diversional Therapists and was the political voice for members as well as for the people that we practice on.

If anyone would like to volunteer their time to be on the research project, please email me felicity@diversionaltherapy.org.au

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This month we are welcoming the start of Autumn. Time of change and colour. Would be great to see some pictures – maybe some of your client submissions seeing the world  and nature through their eyes. Also for many members the preparation of Easter celebrations so a busy time for our programs and clients.

This month we see more submissions from our International networks and the articles are interesting so please take time to have a read.

There is also an update on the Japan Tour.

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