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International Circles – Articles from abroad

Beth Sizemore is the Creative and Administration Support at the Radius Fulton Care Center in Dunedin New Zealand.  She told me the story of how the home got flooded out earlier in the year and how some of the residents had to be evacuated to other sites.  About the same time as this was all happening, the residents there entered a national competition, and the first prize was to have members of the New Zealand National Rugby Team, The All Blacks” visit them.  They won the competition.

Darren Robinson                                                                                                                                          TasmanianRepresentative, Diversional Therapy Australia

 Below, Beth tells how it all came together.

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Title: Initial Investigation of Comfort Levels, Motivations, and Attitudes of Volunteers During Therapeutic Recreation Programs

Author: Collier, V; Rothwell, E; Vanzo, R and Carbone, P, S.
Journal: Therapeutic Recreation Journal, vol 49, no 3, pgs 207 - 219

Some of the barriers faced by individuals with disabilities result from negative attitudes of individuals without disabilities from the general public. Thus, therapeutic recreation programs in the community are an ideal setting to foster interaction between individuals with and without disabilities through integrated services, which can reduce negative attitudes toward individuals with disabilities. The purpose of this study was

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Planet Ark
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a vision of a world where people live in balance with nature. Established in 1992, we are one of Australia’s leading environmental behaviour change organisations with a focus on working collaboratively and positively.

National Recycling Week 9th – 15th November.
Australians are willing recyclers with 91% of us agreeing that

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November 2015

This link is for those in South Australia, it's a group called trees for life, you can contact them to organise a tree planting through the active volunteer program, where you grow trees until they are strong saplings and then these trees are taken to be planted for conservations efforts, a good time for those with a green thumb.

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1. 1st - All Saints Day
2. Fundraising for Movember 1st – 30th Supporting men’s health issues.
3. Melbourne Cup 3rd – Luncheon, best dressed competition, making fascinators, having a bet on the race, watching the race, games, dressing areas up in jokey colours.
4. 8th- International tongue twister day have some fun with tongue twisters.
(E.g. She sells sea shells by the seashore)
5. 9th – 15th National

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Planning for special events, celebrations, religious and cultural holidays….
This can be a difficult task what do you celebrate or acknowledge and how much detail, expense and effort to you go to?
My advice is firstly look at your client population which cultures and religions are represented, then go from there?
Most importantly ask the residents what events would they be interested in celebrating or acknowledging, don't assume just because a client is born or has a particular cultural background that they will want to celebrate events from that culture…. These events if planned properly can

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Full Certificate IV in Leisure and Health RPL opportunity for Grandfather clause members...

DTA has recently approached Skills Training Australia, acting on behalf of their members, to design and produce a program that will allow all Grandfather clause members a simplistic and affordable way of obtaining their Certificate IV in Leisure and Health. Which we have done...
Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of taking all previous experience and professional development and mapping it against the requirements of a qualification to deem someone's competence. On DTA's request, we have designed an RPL program specifically for the cohort of members that fall under

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This month sees everyone recovering from a wonderful conference and stepping straight back into the business part of DTA with the upcoming AGM please let the Office know if you wish to place an apology. 

The enewsletter sees another new segment as it grows and that is an International submission segment so we can see how other professionals in our field work.

Also a new expression of interest is going out for the

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