Diversional & Recreation Therapy Australia News

Published Monday, 5 September 2016

Hello Members,

Have you booked for the 2016 DTA conference! I believe this year’s conference is one of the most jam-packed with offerings to excite, innovate, impress and stimulate! I have heard one of the keynote speakers and you will find his presentation amazing – you will want to be part of this unique approach and you will be eager to learn more!

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Sydney next month. There are many reasons why you should attend the annual conference of your peak body. For me, these are the most important:

  • Learning new skills and reinvigorating current or misplaced skills
  • Networking with your peers
  • Meeting with trade representatives
  • Hearing from experts
  • AND Have fun!

Learning new skills, and recalling skills you might have lost touch with. How often does this happen? We hear about something new, and we are all excited and enthused, but somewhere in the reality of work and life, we can lose track of that enthusiasm. Reinvigoration and rekindling of our enthusiasm is what being part of peak body sharing is all about. Very often, the right time presents differently for each of us – what is right for me this year, might not be for you and the situation in which you are employed, or which is part of your interest group. Trends change; new strategies are presented all the time; this is the way for you to part of current and trending opportunities!

 Networking is a significant part of your professional success; it presents opportunities for growth and development, awareness, and collaboration. Meeting with your peers is the perfect way to hear new ideas, to add to your existing knowledge or to present another way of looking at your professional role, or how you present yourself.


Every conference, you have the opportunity to see and experience the latest in trade offerings, and in seeing first hand innovative products and services. This is what will give you the edge!


 This year, above all years, you will have the opportunity to hear proven leaders, specialists in their areas, front-runners in their professional fields. You will leave with a reinvigorated sense of the DT role, and re-commitment to your place in the DT world!


Of course, you will also have heaps of fun! I guarantee you will laugh, enjoy, be amazed, perhaps be challenged, and above all, you will have fun!


So, if you haven’t yet booked your place, I implore you to make that booking! I know you will come away from the conference with new ideas, new friends, and a new approach!



Louise Absalom