Diversional & Recreation Therapy Australia News

Published Friday, 5 August 2016

Hello Members,

Every month I write to you about the exciting things that are occurring from a Board and organisational perspective – and this month is certainly no different!

You will have been reading about the focus of the Board this year, to engage with other Diversional Therapists around the world. Sometimes the naming differs, however the underlying similarity is around the role.

I have been overwhelmed, when engaging with other leaders around the world, how we all ‘speak’ the same language, and have the same organisational aspirations and challenges.

This month, Darren Robinson (International Liaison Board member) and I met, via skype, with Dr. Gerda Joubert, President of Biokinetics South Africa. Biokinetics is based around the science of movement and exercise within rehabilitative programs, however, Dr. Joubert recalled, from a recent conference she attended, where it was highlighted that the individual cannot be viewed from a physical perspective alone, and the holistic nature of the individual must be considered when planning any program, intervention, or activity.  This is the message we, as Diversional Therapists, know and live by!  Isn’t it amazing to realise that the very same message is being discussed and realised around the world!

DTA now has contacts in New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, America, Canada, England. The work undertaken by Darren in developing this global group has been outstanding. Often skype sessions have to be planned at hours when others are still tucked up in bed so as to accommodate the busy schedules of those we are talking to. DTA are now moving to further develop this group into a global working party, with the goal of listing several initiatives and strategies for moving the global voice forward.

This is such an exciting time, and I am sure many of you will continue to follow the development of this group. If you would like to be involved, give the office a call!

Each month the Board reviews the current membership numbers. Our member base continues to grow and I applaud all those among you who fly the DT flag and encourage your colleagues to be part of the bigger picture. Ten new members have been added to the DT ranks this month!  The more voices we have as a collective team, the more opportunities we have to spread and further the word and work of the Diversional Therapist. A greater team also means a greater collective voice and drive.

I know the Office have been working feverishly in tidying up all the loose ends around the 2016 Conference. Have you booked your conference ticket yet? It’s a really great line up of speakers this year, and I encourage you to book soon, so that you don’t miss out. Numbers are strictly limited, so make sure you aren’t the one to miss out! You can book online at any time, how easy is that!  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, as well as learning and exploring new ideas and concepts to invigorate, revive, and inspire your working role,


Louise Absalom