Diversional & Recreation Therapy Australia News

Published Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hello Members,

Here we are already looking at March! The year seems to be flying past and from what you tell me, we are all very busy. Your Board have also not wasted any time and are busy in projects, both long and short term.

The study tour of Japan is fully planned and organised. This is an amazing opportunity to develop strong and lasting ties with DT workers in Japan, and also to share and learn another culture. Imagine the extent of resources you could bring back to your own facility after this exchange, not to mention developing close friendships with fellow DT’s.

The International Liaison group have been working overtime, and DTA has now made contact with similar associations in England, Hawaii, Canada, America as well as Japan and New Zealand. 2016 is the year for developing and growing these relationships, as your DTA works to bringing this group together and in developing a global awareness of the role. This is a very exciting time; as members, you should be deservedly proud of the work of your Board in this initiative. Never before has DT been seem in a global light. If you would like to be part of this development, email the office. The more hands on deck, the more we can do in a shorter time!

The 2016 Conference planning is well under way. Sydney is the location, and I would advise getting in as early as possible in booking your place – places always fill early on the Eastern seaboard. I know we always say this, but knowing one of the keynote speakers, I can absolutely assure you that you will not want to miss this one!

Have you heard about DTA Course Recognition? If you, or your work colleagues, are looking to enrol in any DT training, make sure it has the DTA Course Recognition logo. This means that on completion of that course, you will have the assurance of DTA eligibility. Your educational choices should offer you the best opportunity to engage with your peak body, so keep an eye out for the DTA logo on your course choices.

At the 2015 DTA conference, a group met with an interest in being part of a Private Practice member group. This group is now up and running thanks to the dedication of VP Sue Tripney and a team of interested people. The group is there for support and encouragement, and to offer advice and ideas to members as they investigate their own Private Practice opportunities. If you would like to be part of this group email the office and your details will be passed on.

Have you had a look at the DTA facebook site? Have you posted on one of the DTA forums on our website? What about Link-in, YouTube or twitter? These are all communication resources for you, the member. They need your input to drive their usefulness and value. Your input will not only benefit you, but will help and encourage your colleagues in the same working environment. These are great opportunities for you to engage with like-minded professionals. Take the opportunity to have a look, make a post, add a photo, comment or question.

There is much to do and there is no opportunity to say, I don’t feel supported, or I have no way of talking with my colleagues. I’d love to hear of your stories; how you have engaged with others, and how you have been able to grow through these interactions; perhaps you have made working friendships, or have learned about something new or a new resource. Similarly, your Board is intent on meeting the needs of the members of DTA. We love hearing from you – good news stories are as important as criticisms. It is through these conversations that we can ensure we are retaining the focus of meeting member needs. Please feel very comfortable in sending through your thoughts, ideas, fears, concerns or queries.


Louise Absalom