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Published Friday, 6 November 2015

On Facebook?

Have a LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter account?

Spend hours searching YouTube?


In today's business climate the use of social media is one of the most popular and acceptable marketing methods to communicate and connect with an audience. DTA is no exception using several social networking sites to engage with its members and the broader community inclusive of interested members of the public, managers and recruitment companies, potential students, peak industry groups and clients.

DTA opted to create a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and most recently Instagram. These platforms provide 'visibility' to our profession enabling DTA to grow its audience beyond the traditional means of marketing and further than the person working in the DT role. Social media allows DTA to build a virtual community where readers can like, share, comment and post thoughts and ideas onto DTA's accounts and pages which can offer a greater sense of personal interaction with the organisation. Our social media accounts also create traffic to our evolving website so people can gather more detailed information about the profession.

DTA's marketing portfolio consists of both members of the DTA Board and the general membership (Kim Bromley, Kate Noble, Kayla Davies, Rosslyn Price and Chester Baluyot, Renee Smith and Lauren Valladares); without these volunteers the association would not be able to achieve its goals - one of the most significant being to increase public awareness of Diversional Therapy and DTA's activities such as DT Week to ensure viability into the future. How we do that requires time, dedicated and interested members and guidance from DTA's strategic plan. As part of our marketing strategies you will see the use of the hashtag character # accompanied by a word or unspaced phrase such as #wellnessthroughleisure that is applied to a post, photo or comment etc across all our social media sites – we strongly encourage everyone to use these hashtags as it helps give traction to our events and projects, making it easy for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.


If you aren’t familiar with the array of social media, here are some details below to help you decide which platform might be right for you OR like and follow them ALL! We hope to connect with you soon


Facebook: Diversional Therapy Australia (search and ‘like’ our page)

It fundamental purpose is social networking however businesses and non profit organisations also create pages to share their activities, events and initiatives. Facebook is more detailed than Twitter and allows photos, videos and longer descriptions – perfect for talking about all things DT Week and conference

DTA currently has 1332 likers internationally

A few stats:

89% of people who like our page are women

Interestingly 25% of these women who like our page are aged 45-54yrs

Our likers come from Australia (1179), New Zealand (44), USA (27), Canada (18) and the Philippines (13)

As of May 2015 93% of businesses use Facebook to market their company; it’s a great way for DTA to promote their workshops and conferences via this platform and attract more interest and responses from across the country and around the world.


LinkedIn: come and join our group

A business orientated social networking service, mainly used for professional networking. Find us in the Interests tab under Groups by searching "Diversional Therapy Australia"

DTA currently has 124 members to the group including DTA members, international members working in roles similar to DT, recruitment personnel, students and those interested in the profession. Some hot topics and lively discussion happening here!!


Twitter: @DivTherapyAust

An online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets”

DTA currently has 13 followers


Instagram @diversional_therapy_australia

An online mobile photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service

This platform also enabling DTA to share photos directly to our Facebook and Twitter accounts; what better way to show what we do than through images!!

DTA currently has 65 followers

You can search for #wellnessthroughleisure #DTAconference2015 #diversionaltherapy to see what others are sharing


YouTube: subscribe to our channel ‘DTA YouTube’

A video sharing website that is also accessible via mobile devices.

This account currently hosts a range of “how to” videos of various leisure and recreation activities. These playlists have been created to reduce the time burden searching for such resources.


And, if you are interested in assisting with DTA’s marketing activities please get in touch with the office


Renee Rizzo

DTA Secretary and Marketing Portfolio