Diversional & Recreation Therapy Australia News

Published Thursday, 30 October 2014

When: Tuesday 18th November 2014 Sydney

Where: Northern Sydney Education & Conference Centre In the grounds of Macquarie Hospital Building 14 - The Drive Wicks Road, North Ryde

  • Brain Gym- movement-based programs to improve brain function and to empower all ages to reclaim the joy of living
  • Parkinson’s Disease–a comprehensive and practical presentation to assist those with Parkinson’s
  • Grief and Loss - addressing issues for you and your participants
  • Alzheimer’s Australia-leading and latest education on dementia based activities
  • Men’s Sheds-looking at the needs of men in regards to leisure and social interactions
  • Activity Modifications-subtle changes to activities to address all your client needs
  • Takeaway CAFÉ A workshop initiative that gives an opportunity to gain new activity ideas to take away + AGM at 6.30 in the same venue. 

Members are invited to stay and get all your PD points at once! Let us know if you are staying and we will organise light refreshments in between.

Workshops coming up! Contact the office or go to website for the registration flyers!