What a BLOODYTASTIC website! (Excuse my language) Thank you for creating a beautiful, educational and professional website. I am so proud to be a member of DRTA. Satomi, Hahndorf, SA

I feel privileged to hear the stories of so many interesting rich lives, so many great people, and I know I can enhance the last part of their lives so that they feel comfortable secure and ready for more fun and more positive opportunities. Lynette (Nette) Frost, VIC

I am proud to be a Diversional Therapist and belong to DRTA as a Level 1 member - many rewards as a DT, great career. I am highly respected in the workforce as a DT - always a challenge to be met. Great to expand levels of the imagination and reach for the sky - No two days are ever the same…..
Kathleen, VIC

I love my job because it is very rewarding spending time with people who have amazing stories to tell. I love my job because it is the “special moments” that make my day!
Victoria Walters, VIC

I love my job because:

  • I am part of a very large MDT (multidisciplinary team) that respects me for my knowledge and skills and my input is always heard.
  • Each day brings new challenges and rewards that I am experiencing as I support my clients on their individual recovery journey.
  • Marlene Simonson, DT (Forensic), Orange NSW

I value my membership of DRTA above all of my professional links because it connects me to a most dedicated collective of skilful individuals.
I find DT's provide their clients with a crucial personal need; namely a special sense of ongoing anticipation which translates into having something to look forward to each day. Indeed, this gives meaning to lifestyle value adding.
Leon Earle, Hon. Life Member, SA

You ask us why we are dedicated DT's!
Simply put
(1) we have much empathy for those in our care,
(2) we have the skills to make a difference in people's lives and
(3) DTA provides us with support that we need to pursue our work.
Discussed by DT's during a coffee break, SA

I have been a member of DRTA since I was a student at UWS in 1998, and have continued to be a member. The association has always been there for support, networking and education. During my membership journey I have gone from student to graduate to health professional to teacher, and still the association is relevant and most reliable. As a health professional I believe it is my duty to continue to be an active member of my professional body.
Kim Bromley, NSW

I love being a DT, because it gives me the skills to enable my clients to perform to their best ability ...
Chris Grady, VIC

Working closely with a range of age groups keeps the role interesting, part time study enable me to graduate with two degrees and remain at work.
Tony Bright, Lifestyle Consultant, VIC

I want to be a member of DRTA because of the sharing and caring knowledge of other DT's, here in the West members are very willing to share their knowledge with every one.
Gail, WA