Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Workshops

DRTA offers a one-day workshop on the successful implementation of Stage 1 Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for people with mild to moderate dementia. Learn the system that has had proven benefits on cognition, social interaction and general wellbeing that is revolutionising the outcomes of dementia diagnosis.

Delivered both in-house within facilities/ community centres and within DRTA’s regular annual programme of workshops held nationally, ,

Once trained, leisure and health practitioners, Diversional and Recreation Therapists are ideally positioned to conduct these sessions within their own facilities and bring the benefits to their clients/residents on a regular basis.

What is CST? Cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) is a structured group therapy for people with mild to moderate dementia.

CST is an evidence-based, non-pharmacological treatment - an accepted psychological therapy for older people with a clinical diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia. It is designed – and research has found it to engage the participants, improve quality of life and enhance social and cognitive wellbeing. It can successfully be delivered in residential aged care, community settings and even individually with slightly modified techniques.

CST is the only non-medical/pharmacological intervention that is recommended by the UK Government’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for people with mild to moderate dementia

Why is CST needed more than ever?

We now have more people than ever moving into residential aged care with a diagnosis of early to mid stage dementia. The majority do not need to live in our memory support units and live with other residents in our home. Our concern as aged care professionals is that we are not addressing their needs. They fall between two clearly defined groups- i.e. those without cognition problems and those towards the end of their dementia journey. While these people attend and participate in an activity they often hide their cognitive deficits or become passive participants sitting on the edge of the group - too embarrassed or unable to be really part of the group. This is a group of people whose needs have too long been overlooked. We now have an opportunity through CST to address this and actively improve wellbeing, memory and quality of life.

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How do I get this happening in my organisation?

CST can be delivered to your residents/ clients by a DRTA trainer at your organisation’s site. This will comprise a series of 14 group sessions consisting of activities and discussions which have been specifically developed for people with mild to moderate dementia and will be delivered by a trained facilitator in the way that has proven cognitive, as well as social, benefits.


DRTA can train your staff (everyone who may be involved in working with residents /clients) in understanding the principles and purposes of CST to enhance the effect throughout your organisation.


DRTA can train your staff to conduct these session themselves – through “Train the Trainer” sessions and become DRTA recognised CST trainers..

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