Rosslyn Price

South Australian/NT DTA Board


Qualifications: Cert lV in Community Services (Lifestyle & Leisure)  from TAFE, Bachelor in Health Science (diversional therapy strand) from CSU, Almost completed Grad Certificate in Gerontology with CSU 

 I became a member of the DTA as a student in 2006. After completing by Cert lV, I was offered a job as a Lifestyle Coordinator and volunteer coordinator in a rural residential facility.  I commenced work at the end of 2006 nearly 8 years ago.

 My personal experience is as a daughter whose mother was diagnosis with early on set dementia at the age of 53 and who passed away in 2009 aged 67 and her journey and experiences. I assisted caring for her at home, before my father was unable to cope and being placed in a government mental health institution at 59 years old, which I would not wish on anyone.  Other personal experience is supporting my father in law for the past 9 years who is 88 and living at home alone with macular degeneration and been legally blind for the past 15 years.

 I have a passion to support all individuals to achieve all they can within their capabilities. Every person is a valued and unique individual, the only issue is finding the right key for the person to flourish and thrive in life. This is our role as diversional therapist.  I would like to see our profession recognised within the health system particularly in South Australia and to have education opportunities available at South Australian universities for those desiring to improve their skills and knowledge.