Lindl Webster

Lindl Webster

Vice President 2 Diversional Therapy Australia

I live in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW with my husband and two primary school aged daughters. My journey towards being a DT has involved several career changes, including a stint as a real estate property manager, and 16 years in the finance industry, managing at branch level and being a lender.

When the time came for career change number three, I gained my Cert III in aged care and started working as an AIN in an aged care facility. I did this for several years, with my focus always being completing my degree in Health Science with Charles Sturt, and gaining experience as a Recreational Activity Officer (RAO) at every opportunity. 

Fast forward to 2015, and I have been working as a DT with Adventist Senior Living for several years. I lead a group of 10 very dedicated RAO’s and we all love our job. A recent for me was definitely being announced as the 2014 Inaugural DTA Award for Excellence. I am very passionate about the difference we can make to the lives of our residents, we are in essence the ‘bubbles’ in their day.

I hope that my experience and enthusiasm brings something to the VP2 role with DTA. It is my pleasure and honour to be part of an peak body organisation full of dedicated professionals, all working towards meeting the needs of their residents and clients.