Darren Robinson

International Liaison Officer/ SA/NT Rep

My name is Darren Robinson, I am 47 years of age and I reside in Port Pirie, South Australia. I’m currently employed as a Diversional Therapist at the Barunga Village Aged Care facility in Port Broughton, South Australia.

In 2010 I made the decision to head down that path when I undertook a traineeship at Barunga Village to obtain my Certificate 3 in Aged care. This meant making several sacrifices which include working in an unfamiliar environment, a significant pay cut and committing to travelling some 54 km to and from work each day. After completing my traineeship I went on to gain my Certificate 4 in Lifestyle and Leisure and I have been the Lifestyle Coordinator at Barunga Village since that time.

I find that as a Diversional Therapist I can establish and maintain a closer rapport with the residents than what I could have otherwise as a carer. I have found that the decision to become a Diversional Therapist in aged care was the best decision I have made in my working life as I get an immense amount of enjoyment from making a positive difference in the lives of the residents.

I live and work by the motto – “It’s ok to step outside the square so long as you don’t forget the basics”, which to me means it’s good to have fun and imaginative activities involving a large group of residents, but sometimes all they really want is a friendly face to talk to and to listen. It’s the little things that count as well.
Darren was Board Appointed to represent Tasmania.