Your DTA and some achievements so far…


The national body, DTA, was formed in 2010 after each state closed their incorporated bodies. If you would like to be a part of making things happen there are a number of DTA portfolios that would love to have your expertise and input. Contact the DTA Board Secretary via the office if you are interested in joining a Portfolio or being a Representative on the Board.


DTA Achievements 2013 and 2014;

  • Appointment of Katrina Vuori as National Network Groups Coordinator
  • Stephania Bejma as National Education Coordinator has delivered many workshops in each state
  • DTA Award for Excellence for Australian members (Dec 2013)
  • From the website you can download a Diversional Therapy PPT and value add to it eg. add photos or your own stories to deliver in-house training for staff, volunteers and family at your facilities (reviewed in 2013).
  • Eleven Newsletters are produced - the content is only as good as what has been submitted, so think about what you can submit!! We want to hear from you!
  • Active involvement with the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) including financial support to the “Australians Deserve to Age Well” Campaign
  • DTA became a Member of the Allied Health Professions Australia group
  • DT Week Posters distributed via the newsletter
  • DTA Website – Up and running you can still add your states history to it, resources and download all the information you need to become a member, access past and present eNewsletters, find out about events in your area (2014)
  • Online training through the DTA website (2014)
  • DTA Trade Exhibit at Return2Sport Expo and Total Aged Care Services conferences (2013 and 2014)
  • eNewsletter - Connections
  • Reviewed DTA Portfolios with set objectives. Review of policies and position papers
  • Successful conference in Sydney (2013) and Adelaide (2014) both using the new format by providing a workshop day
  • DTA Network Groups hosting information sessions
  • DTA members engaged in DTA Japan study tour across NSW and QLD
  • DTA members continue to participate in the Leisure and Health SMEG (subject matter expert group) as part of the review process for the Community Services Training package (Vanessa Ogborne, Jackie Quirke, Rebeccah Matthews and Charlise Bennett)
  • Continue Marketing through industry partners via website and other conferences eg Australian Ageing Agenda e-news and website and Play Up Convention
  • Generous donation of Music in Care from Liz Burge for all conference delegates
  • Raising of our educational affiliations with;
  • Dr Leon Earle to work for DTA in a volunteer consultative capacity
  • Dr Caroline Ellison Flinders University
  • Dr Marie Sheahan - Charles Sturt University-
  • Dr Robert Thornton- Gerontologist
  • Dr Alf Colvin - University Western Sydney

The DTA can only be as productive as its member base is - so come on - get involved in an area that you are interested in!

Portfolios are;

Education- H Clause, Journal, workshops, writing circles, etc

New Membership


Network Groups

Marketing- Face Book, DT week, enewsletter

International Liaison- become a pen pal, we have links now with Japan, England, New Zealand, Netherlands and Canada  


Contact: Phone: 1300 113 395