Annemarie Kluvers

DTA Board Member, WA State Representative

Annemarie Kluvers, lives in Baldivis, WA and works as Activities Coordinator in SwanCare, Bentley WA. She studied in the Netherlands for 3 years to become a Diversional Therapist and after receiving her diploma worked mainly in Aged Care.

She moved to Australia in 2006 and settled in Baldivis WA. After having her Netherlands qualifications assessed by DTA she became a Level 2 member and in October 2012 completed Cert IV in Leisure and Health. Through her workplace she also has completed some education in management skills and team leadership.

Her goals for the future are to stay in Aged Care, expand her knowledge in management skills and promote the position of Diversional Therapy in WA. Unfortunately Annemarie findsthe profession is not recognised enough in general, in WA.In the future Annemarie would like to see Occupational Therapy and Diversional Therapy are separated in people’s understanding and equally acknowledged. She would also like to see increased membership numbers for WA and not be the only person from WA at the DTA Annual Conference!