Meet the Board

DTA is governed by a voluntary Board of eleven elected representatives.The five Executive Board members are President, Vice President 1, Vice President 2, Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary. The other six Board member positions relate to the state of residence of the member and are NSW/ACTRepresentative, Qld Representative, SA Representative, Tas Representative, Vic Representative and WA Representative. Annual elections are held, usually at the AGM.

Board members are drawn from all areas of our membership – although only Full Members can serve on the Board. Currently DTA Board members are:

President: Louise Absalom

Vice President 1:Sue Tripney

Vice President 2: Lindl Webster

Hon Treasurer: Judy Nolan

Temporary Special Board Member: Darren Robinson

Kylie Rice: ACT/NSW

QLD Rep: Glenda Kubler

SA/NT Rep: Rosslyn Price

  TAS Rep: Isabel Bonham
Vic Rep: Anthony Bright

WA Rep: Annemarie Kluvers

Board Portfolios

DTA’s Board is comprised of eleven voluntary members. Five members from the executive and the other six represent the state and territory areas as well as the national agendas.

The Board usually meet monthly by phone conference for most of the year. At the annual national Conference which is held in a different city each year, the Board holds an all day face to face meeting.

There are so many aspects to governing, guiding and administering a national not for profit organisation – the work of the DTA Board is much appreciated by DTA staff, Board members and membership in general.

To help divide up the tasks involved, the Board operates under Portfolios. The President has automatic membership of each Portfolio but most are chaired by other Board members. On the team of each Portfolio are a combination of Board members, Full Members -Diversional Therapist, Full Members - Diversional Therapy Assistant and Student or Retired Members. Currently, the Board Portfolios are

  • Education Portfolio
  • Governance Portfolio
  • Marketing Portfolio
  • Membership Portfolio
  • International Liaison Portfolio