DTA Life Members

The below Members are our own National Treasures! All have contributed enormously to the profession and the association. Members past and present will be ever grateful.

This list is not definitive. If you think someone was a Life Member and is not shown and you have a contact for them, DTA would be happy to get in touch to see if they are interested in remaining Life Members with DTA.

  • Lynne Caminada
  • Dr Leon Earle
  • Susan Fletcher
  • Robin Gallen
  • Jannina Gray
  • Roz Hamilton
  • Jeanette Heynes
  • Gaynor Jackson
  • Vickie Kimlin
  • Sr. Margaret Randall
  • Barbara Richards
  • Louise Robinson
  • Ann Rogers
  • Peggy Skehan
  • Prof Margaret Skropeta
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Lee Turner
  • Mary Ann Underwood
  • Ruth Wilson