Skye Harvey

WA Rep

I completed my diploma of health and leisure late last year and became a member of DRTA in 2018. I have a bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Guelph in Canada which has allowed me to work in a creative capacity in many countries over the past 10 plus years. I’ve have had the pleasure of developing programs and managing creative therapies hubs that support a varied demographic of clientele (aged, people with disabilities, mental health, and youth) I continue to hone my passion for seeing people live their best lives through healthy, creative and physical outlets.

Prior to working in the community services environment I spent many years working in training, events and logistics on a national and international scale. This experience has provided me with the skills to develop strategic plans and networks that I believe will lend itself to further foster the development of Diversional Therapy as a profession in WA. I believe that Diversional and Recreational therapy is an important profession that contributes to the wellbeing of individuals across Australia. Sport and recreation has long been an important part of my life and I thrive on seeing others discover new or rekindle relationships through leisure activities.