Purpose of Diversional & Recreation Therapy Australia

The following objectives are adapted from the Constitution of Diversional Therapy Australia (2009):

  • To consider all questions affecting the interests of DRTA and to promote or oppose legislative or other measures affecting matters concerned with Diversional Therapy as they affect its members and their practice.
  • To promote foster and advance the occupation and interests of Diversional & Recreation Therapy in Australia.
  • To promote and support the development of Diversional & Recreation Therapy in Australia and internationally.
  • To represent the interests of DRTA to health and community professionals in Australia.
  • To establish recognised educational programmes.
  • To communicate with associations, institutions or other bodies or individuals on matters of interest to DRTA members.
  • To enhance the status of Diversional Therapy throughout Australia.
  • To promote the study of the theory and practice of Diversional Therapy; to encourage research in Diversional Therapy; to bring together Diversional Therapists for their common benefit and for discussions and demonstrations; and to disseminate knowledge of the principles and practice of Diversional Therapy
  • To consider and advise on courses of study and technical training and to disseminate information designed to promote and ensure the fitness of potential DRTA members.
  • To institute and provide conferences, workshops and other events pertinent to the practice of Diversional Therapy for the benefit of DRTA members and to invite those who are not members of DRTA when appropriate
  • To establish educational activities for Diversional Therapy trainees.
  • To establish or certify continuing professional development programs for Diversional Therapists.
  • To acquire, establish, print, publish, issue and circulate such journals magazines periodicals circulars calendars or other literary works as may seem conducive to the promotion of these objects or in any way beneficial to DRTA.
  • To establish the classes of membership of DRTA and to admit to the respective classes persons who are eligible in accordance with DRTA regulations and to maintain a register of members of DRTA.

Key Aims of Diversional & Recreation Therapy Australia

  • Promote, foster, advance and advocate for the practice of Diversional Therapy and DRTA members.
  • Increase the professional body of knowledge and its dissemination.
  • Work toward national education standards and competencies.
  • Develop and foster cooperative national and international networks.
  • Recognise excellence in continuing professional development
  • Provide information regarding the implementation and outcomes of DRTA plans and projects