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Diversional and Recreation Therapy Australia is committed to promoting, fostering and advancing the development of the profession of Diversional and Recreation Therapy in Australia and internationally. Its mission is to ensure that the practice of Diversional and Recreation Therapy continues to be viable and relevant, contributing to the wellbeing of clients and the community, while encouraging education, professional and personal development in its members. Learn More.


  • Presidents Piece
    Published Tuesday, 4 September 2018

    Hi Members, September marks the start of a new season, the beginning of spring. It is also the month of the DRTA’s 2018 ‘Out of the Box’ Conference. With only 3 weeks to go, time is running out quick to secure your place in Melbourne. I have always enjoyed attending conference. From the time when I was a new grad and working in my first DT position right up to today. Confer...

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