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Over the past month we have, as an association, attended an Allied Health Consultation meeting about the use of restraints in aged care. This was an awesome opportunity to identify that as a profession
could be utilised as a proactive intervention opposing both the use of both physical and chemical restraints, where appropriate. This month we have been asked to contribute to NSW Health Workforce Planning consultation so if there are particular areas that should be represented under NSW Health please contact the office and let us know so we can collate all responses and ensure it is an accurate representation of what the profession believes is required. I see there is a real need to expand or have DT or RT incorporated better in the community, especially in mental health and in corrections to allow for better client outcomes in terms of community integration. If there are other areas I have not thought about, please let me know before September 10 to collate an appropriate response.

This month we have our first online national conference. It is really exciting to do it in this format where we have really needed to think outside the box, with everyone being able to access (without the costs of airfares and hotels). I encourage everyone to attend that can, for either one day or both. We have organised it as two half days and if able to attend would really appreciate your feedback about the both the format and the presentations.

We will be holding the DRTA Annual General Meeting (AGM) separate to the conference this year. The AGM will be held in November on Third Tuesday at 7pm. This year we will be holding the AGM over Zoom. There are currently vacancies on the board, and I would urge members in the association to be proactive and consider being part of the DRTA board. We are looking for nominees, in particular state representatives for Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria. In terms of what would be expected, a couple of hours per week or fortnight. We hold the board meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at night (over zoom) and sometimes there are follow up items from the board meeting to complete throughout the month.

On the research front, Western Sydney University and DRTA are collaborating and have developed a couple of research projects for Student Summer Scholarship in aged care and diversional therapy. Students apply for a particular project over the summer period and the scholarships are paid by the university, with research outcomes. It gives the students the opportunity to be mentored and learn about research and assists the association in the development of our body of knowledge, an awesome opportunity for all parties.

In relation to the aged care workforce retention bonus, I believe that it has been paid to some workers while others have missed out. We therefore sent a letter to Senator Colbeck to encourage the payment to be inclusive of leisure and lifestyle due to the nature of the work we do.

Until October,
All the best

Charlise Bennett
DRTA President




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